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Temcor Rollwell Domes Pvt. Ltd. (TRD) is a CST joint venture company exclusively catering the Indian market.
Since 1964, Temcor ( now CST) designs, manufactures and erects proprietary aluminium clear-span domes and structures for a wide variety of applications and markets. With over 16,000 structures in 125 countries, Temcor Structures have been used for a variety of applications in Bulk Material Storage, Petroleum, Water & Wastewater and Architectural markets. Our products are precision fabricated to aircraft tolerances.
Aluminum has its advantages! Time-tested maintenance-free, corrosion-resistant materials are used, such as proven aluminum alloys, stainless steel fasteners and silicone rubber sealants and gaskets. Over 100 Temcor Aluminum Domes are currently dotting the Indian Landscape.
 Global Solution leader since 1964
More than forty years of pioneering design and engineering is built into every Temcor Product. More than 7500 Temcor aluminium domes have been installed throughout the world.  Most importantly, the prefabricated structures and metal buildings have withstood the test of time even in the harshest environments.
Temcor built the world's largest free standing aluminium dome in Taiwan measuring 136 meters in diameter in the year 2006.
Today Temcor is recognized as the industry leader, continuously providing new and innovative products and services to meet ever –expanding requirement of customers.
 Engineered for Performance
At Temcor research and development receives major emphasis, including physical testing of products to develop and prove proprietary engineering formulas and patents. Temcor's testing of aluminum structures to the point of destruction is one of the reasons no Temcor product has ever failed.
Temcor’s proprietary structural and engineering formulas are derived and validated from extensive physical testing of whole domes and their components as opposed to relying on textbook theory. Metallurgical analysis and wind tunnel tests are also used. Many patents and the capability to build clear-span structures over 300 meters in diameter are the result of this continued product development.
Best Minds at Work
Temcor Engineers are one of the best minds in the business backed by State-of-the-art computers and CAD systems which are used in product design and manufacturing. Skilled and Efficient field construction / supervisory crews are specially trained by Temcor in using procedures and equipment developed by the company. Erection consultants and equipment are supplied as needed. Temcor is continuously developing new and innovative products and services to meet the ever expanding requirements of our customers. We are committed to single-source responsibility for the complete process, from design and fabrication, to installation.
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