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The distinctive appearance of Temcor Aluminium Geodesic Domes and Crystogons, combined with their unsurpassed quality has appealed to architects and builders worldwide.

Dramatically beautiful on the outside, the interiors of Temcor clear-span prefabricated structures are no less spectacular. With their panelized insulation system, Temcor domes are often acoustically superior to conventional buildings.
The Temcor Aluminium Dome is one of the most versatile of the clear-span structures, featuring a triangulated space truss of wide-flange extrusions skinned with triangular panels.

The Crystogon® is a variation on the Temcor Aluminium Dome space truss, featuring transparent or translucent glazed acrylic or glass panels. It can be configured in circular, hexagonal, square or vaulted designs.
Crystogon® Custom Skylights

Clearly superior in quality and design, the Temcor Crystogon can be built in a variety of clear-span sizes and configurations, including: circular, hexagonal, ellipsoidal, square or vaulted.

Spans from as small as 30 feet to as large as 300 feet can be covered. In fact, entire buildings can be built from a Temcor Crystogon.
The aluminium framed structures are glazed with transparent or translucent acrylic or glass panels which provide efficient solar control. Space truss configurations result in absolute strength and stability. And, larger Crystogons are fully triangulated to prevent panel distortion, panel edge disengagement and overworking of sealants.

Custom designed for each application, Temcor Crystogons are in use around the world for arboretums, aviaries, shopping malls, swimming pools, zoological gardens and more.

Temcor Aluminium Domes
Efficient in design, distinctive in appearance, unsurpassed in quality and value - Temcor Aluminium Domes are as beautiful as they are efficient and enduring.
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