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The unique space truss design and highly engineered components combine to make Temcor Aluminium Domes the ideal solution for challenging environmental enclosure and bulk storage problems. Whether it's keeping the elements out or getting the largest amount of bulk in the smallest amount of space, this solution has proven itself time and again.
Consider the advantages of aluminium in bulk storage and material handling. Temcor domes offer the ideal span-to-rise ratio in standard and custom designed configurations for any clearance requirement. And in applications requiring vertical headroom near the dome's edge, these domes can be erected on vertical steel wall frames, providing maximum unhampered space for material handling.

Temcor Domes can be designed to enable installation of stacker/reclaimers, allow conveyor/truck entries and be used for storage of most dry bulk material like Coal, Cement. Limestone. Clinker, Fertilizer, Food grains, Salt, Iron Ore etc.
Light and Strong
Still another advantage of our dome is its light weight. That means reduced foundation costs. But its weight belies its strength. When applications require, Temcor Aluminium Domes can even be designed to support heavy processing equipment. From the blazing Mojave Desert to the gale force winds and snow of the Antarctic, our domes have repeatedly proven their strength, durability and flexibility.
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