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The Temcor Aluminium Dome is a unique and patented triangulated space truss skinned with aluminium panels secured by a patented Temcor batten closure system.

With an ability to cover spans from 10m to more than 300m, Temcor Aluminium Domes are specified for malls, auditoriums, planetariums and buildings… wherever clear-span roof systems are needed. Aluminium integrated structural frames are permanent and lightweight and optional panel systems offer eye-dazzling options.
Superior Design at Lower Cost

The dome's superior structural design gives it many advantages. Using proprietary variations of geodesic geometry, Temcor Aluminium Domes are noted for their ability to meet exacting live load requirements by providing greater stiffness and strength, than any other dome geometry system.

Temcor domes have been designed for snow loads of up to 165 pounds per square foot and windloads of up to 150 mph. And, Temcor's panel design is specifically engineered to support loads of up to 500 pounds on any one square foot.
And the energy efficiency of Temcor Aluminium Domes translates to reduced operating expenses. Since they're made of aluminium, they have the inherent advantage of high heat reflectivity and low emissivity. That means lower heating and cooling costs.

Save on maintenance too. The permanent aluminium exterior never rusts, rots, chips, or solar degrades. And because Temcor Aluminium Domes use less material and labor than conventional constructions, overall costs are lower and construction time is faster. The built-in advantages of aluminium and lifetime beauty of a Temcor Aluminium Dome will be appreciated for years to come.
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