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All Temcor components will be manufactured at state-of-the -art facility at USA and will be shipped to India. TRD can provide full turnkey solutions, including erection. We can also provide consultancy services to facilitate erection by otherl crews. Since Temcor domes are prefabricated, field erection time and labour costs are minimal. For instance, three people have erected a 30m dome in just five days.

Tower Erection Simulation
In place erection of 287’ dome, Festus, MO. Photo: Frank O’Neill, Buzzi  Unicem
Section Cutaway
Node and Sealing System

Temcor strut and panel system mechanically locks the panels in place securely, incorporating a seal with a fully engaged gasket. This design is the key to being able to provide effective water and gas tight domes.
The robust upper and lower flanges resist transverse deflection. Long-term performance in the intended service is important – structures are designed to keep the customers satisfied for life without any maintenance.
Temcor uses solid silicone for its batten seals.  Silicone is an inert material not affected by UV.   Proof of performance lies in the fact Temcor has never replaced a silicone gasket because of failure or diminished performance due to UV exposure. Silicone manufacturers such as Pecora offer a 25- year warranty. We have over 30 years of proven use.

The closure system requires high degree of accuracy in the manufacturing process. This system not only ensures a good seal, but also provides a much higher ultimate dome panel load bearing capacity.

The panels in Temcor domes are easily removed and replaced as  deemed  necessary,  typically  without  the need to replace the batten seals. This unique feature is made possible only through the  utilization  of  the  Temcor panel engagement and sealing system. The ability to remove panels facilitates entry in areas of the dome where no access hatches had been provided, without affecting the  dome’s future performance.

The use of lockbolts and precise part fit is enabled by high tolerance manufacturing, which in turn facilitate quick and trouble-free dome installations.

Erection Methods

The Tower Erection construction process consists of a dome being erected from the center outward to the perimeter using a center erection tower. Workers assemble the frame on the ground, lifting the dome up as each strut ring is completed. On average, a Temcor Aluminium Dome is assembled using one-third the man hours required for conventional construction.

The Crane Erection process consists of a dome being erected on the ground and then lifted into place with a crane. This process can save valuable construction time since the dome and tank or support walls can be built simultaneously. A dome for the water or wastewater industry can be installed without taking the tank out of service.

Where space is limited, the In-Place Erection process consists of a dome being built directly on a tank or building wall. The dome is assembled from the outside toward the center.
 Huge Savings

The initial cost of alternate structures plus the required materials and structural maintenance expense typically exceed that of a Temcor structure. In total, Temcor's all-aluminium construction offers cost savings versus other materials over the life of the structure.

Contact Temcor Rollwell today to see how much an aluminium geodesic dome can save you in the long run.
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