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Can Temcor build structures in different shapes (different, for instance, than a traditional dome shape) ?
Yes, Temcor’s pioneering Aluminium structure design and geometry is as flexible as it is strong. We not only design and build all-aluminium clear-span domes, but we also offer traditional column and/or truss supported structures, flat, low-profile roofing systems, and a wide-range of customized products ranging from architectural and decorative elements to one-of-a-kind enclosures for scientific and recreational uses.
What shapes and sizes does Temcor offer ?
Temcor customizes each structure to meet the exact requirements of each project and to best suit functional needs. We can build traditional Aluminium Domes as large as 300 meters in diameter and we build custom structures ranging from ellipsoidal to egg-shaped, from concave to convex, from horizontal to vertical, from spherical to flat.
Are Temcor domes manufactured in India?
All Temcor components are manufactured at state-of-the -art facility at USA and are shipped to India. However since Jan 2015, certain components are also manufactured in India depending on sizes.
 Who constructs/erects your domes?
Temcor Rollwell can provide full turnkey solutions, including erection by local contractors/teams. We can also provide consultancy services to facilitate erection by other crews.
 Does Temcor build column-supported structures?
We do, in instances where column or truss supports are more economical and efficient. Generally, however, most Temcor structures are clear-span and are generally less expensive than column supported structures.
 Can Temcor structures be insulated?
Yes. Temcor offers system designs that provide various levels of both thermal and acoustical insulation treatments.
 Do Temcor structures meet fire codes?
Temcor aluminium structures are noncombustible and they meet fire codes as per US standards.
 What warranty does Temcor offer on its structures?
Our standard warranty is of one year, however obe can expect over 50 year life for our structures
What is the duration taken to erect Temcor domes?
Temcor domes are prefabricated, field erection time and labour costs are minimal. For instance, three people have erected a 30m dome in just five days.
 What are aluminium’s advantages over fiberglass?
Aluminium does not degrade under ultraviolet light, its non-combustible, doesn't transmit light, and permits intrusive alterations without affecting the integrity of the structure.
 What advantages does aluminium provide over concrete?
Aluminium does not chip/splinter over time the way concrete does.
 What advantages does aluminium provide over steel?
Aluminium does not rust or corrode and never requires resurfacing/ painting.
 What kinds of structures are Temcor Aluminium Domes used for?
The versatility of ageless geometry and the durability of aluminium make Temcor Aluminium Domes ideal for  auditoriums, exhibit halls, malls , planetariums and in the industrial arena, Temcor Aluminium Domes top water and petroleum tanks, wastewater treatment plants, bulk storage and materials handling facilities, and more.
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