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 Temcor Aluminium Domes have Revolutionized Tank Covers

Temcor designs innovative clear-span aluminium covers for storage tanks that help control hazardous vapor emissions and prevent water intrusion. These domes are non-combustible structures that remain unaffected by the corrosive effects of petroleum vapors. Furthermore, their clear-span design means reduced vapor loss, since internal floating roofs can be operated without interior support column penetrations.

Employing geodesic dome engineering principles and lightweight aluminium materials, we produce tank covers whose superior strength and design flexibility can be in meeting the increased regulatory demands of the petroleum and chemical storage industries.

Ideal for both new construction and retrofit projects, our aluminium dome covers are competitively priced, require almost no maintenance and last longer than other tank covering systems.

Tanks can remain in service while the tank roof is built, since no hot work is required during the process. And, because these domes are prefabricated, field erection time and labour costs are minimal. For instance, three people have erected a 100-foot dome in just five days. A typical Temcor dome weighs just 2.5 pounds per square foot, just one-fifth the weight of a comparable steel roof.

Temcor is committed to resolving the challenges confronting the Petroleum Storage Tank Industry by creating cost effective,innovative & sustainable solutions
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