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 Water & Waste Water
60m Concrete DYK Tank- Low Profile Column Supported Dome - City of Yuba City, CA
50m x 50m Concrete Reservoir Clear Span Truss Cover - South Feather Water and Power, Oroville, CA
(2) 70m Concrete Tank Low Profile Column Supported Domes - City of Amarillo, TX
56m x 74m Reservoir Clear-Span Truss Cover - City of Lafayette, IN
114m Concrete Tank Column Supported Low Profile Dome - Alderwood Water District, Lynnwood, WA
19 Various Sizes Steel Tank Domes - Walnut Valley Water District, Walnut, CA
60m x 60m Reservoir Column Supported Pyramidal Cover - Walnut Valley Water District, Walnut, CA
3 – 29m Steel Tank Domes - Village of Endicott, NY
8 - Steel Tank Domes and (1) 16m x 45m Reservoir Truss Cover - Western Pennsylvania Water Company, PA
7 – 45m Reservoir Domes replacing Wood Roofs - Naval Weapons Center, China Lake, CA
60m Concrete Reservoir, City of Greensboro, NC
(2) 26m Clarifiers and (2) 45m Aeration Tank Domes - City of Albertville, AL
85,000 sq.ft. Flat Covers - Big Creek WWTP, Fulton County, GA
(4) 35mPressurized Steel Aeration Tanks Domes - Gulf Coast Waste Disposal Authority, Pasadena, TX
50m Aeration Tank Truss Supported Flat Covers - Spartanburg Water Systems, Spartanburg, SC
15 – 52m Clarifier Domes - North District WWTP, Miami, FL
32m x 62m Truss Cover Retention Basin - Town of Amherst, NY
30,000 sf Primary Clarifier Flat Covers - HRSD Atlantic WWTP, Virginia Beach, VA
5 - 28m Digester Domes and 8 - 47.4m Flat Clarifier Domes - EMCALI WWTP, Cali, Colombia
4 – 54m Trickling Filter Domes - Papillion Creek WWTP, Omaha, NE
8 – 34m Clarifier Domes - Papillion Creek WWTP, Omaha, NE
2 – 25m Sludge Thickeners - Papillion Creek WWTP, Omaha, NE
6 - 38m Primary Clarifier Double Domes - Seletar WWTP, Singapore
24 - 26m Final Clarifier Flat Domes - Seletar WWTP, Singapore
8 – 32m Clarifier Truss Supported Flat covers - R.M. Clayton WWTP, Atlanta, GA
12 – 30m Sludge Thickener and Storage Tanks - Southerly WWTP, Cleveland, OH
25,000 sf Primary Clarifier Flat Covers - Reedy Creek WWTP, Lake Buena Vista, FL
12m Digester Dome - Webster City, IA
Screw Pump Flat Covers - Neuse River WWTP, Raleigh, NC
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