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Water, wastewater plants and storage facilities across the world are increasingly turning to the Temcor Aluminium advantage. In addition to low maintenance, low cost and low profile advantages, Temcor Aluminium Domes and reservoir covers are versatile enough to permit a wide range of accessories important to the water, reservoir and wastewater industry.

It's the dome's design that gives it many of its advantages. Using proprietary variations of geodesic geometry, Temcor Aluminium Domes and tank covers are noted for their ability to meet exacting live load requirements by providing greater stiffness and strength, than any other dome geometry system.

Temcor domes have been designed for snow loads up to 165 pounds per square foot and wind loads of up to 150mph. And Temcor's panel design is specifically engineered to support loads of up to 500 pounds on any one square foot. Yet, Temcor domes weigh a mere five percent of conventional concrete equivalents.

Temcor domes promote process efficiency in cold climates, and they can't be beat for containment of odors and vapors. In fact, their low profile reduces vapor space. And their all-aluminium construction is completely resistant to hydrogen sulfide, chlorine and other corrosive vapors found in water and wastewater treatment plants.
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