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Strength and Versatility Through Timeless Geometry
The Temcor Aluminum Dome's clear-span design and integral tension ring eliminates the need for roof columns and extensive reinforcement of tank walls. And its triangulated space truss system of wide-flange extrusions skinned with triangular panels makes it flexible enough for any operational need. Panels can be removed at will, the entire dome can be removed when required, and features such as doors, vents, hatches and skylight panels are easily installed.
Temcor Flat Covers Reduce both Capital and Maintenance Costs
Temcor all-aluminum flat covers are not only economical, they offer other practical advantages over traditional covers. Unlike concrete, they can be removed easily, and they don't spall. They weigh a fraction of what a steel cover weighs, and they don't corrode. Nor do they degrade under ultraviolet light like fiberglass.

Temcor flat covers provide clear-span solutions for spans of up to 30 feet, yet they can support loads of up to 500 pounds on any one square foot. It's this strength that also lends Temcor flat covers their flexibility.

Hatches, skylights, scrubbers and vents are installed easily.

Their low profile means less air volume to be contained and treated. And their interlocking male-to-female joint between panels allows for easy removal of any or all panels, each of which is designed to weigh a maximum of just 150 pounds. No heavy equipment is required for removal. With a minimum thickness of .090 inches, Temcor flat covers can take abuse and be removed countless times without losing their precisely engineered fit.

Where spans greater than 30 feet are required, Temcor's truss systems provide extended structural support to flat covers.

Temcor's complete line of industrial flat covers emerged from a combination of Temcor's quarter century expertise in aluminum enclosures, combined with considerable customer input. In many cases, the design, construction and testing of these products was a joint effort, resulting in superior enclosures satisfying the exacting needs of industrial customers worldwide.
Temcor Covers the World with a Full Line of Traditional Structures
Temcor Rollwell can supply non-circular solutions. With or without columns. Truss-supported or clear-span.
Where an absolutely flat roof is required, these non-circular solutions can even be applied to circular tanks.

Truss-supported roofs offer the advantage of large clear-spans with minimal horizontal forces. Hence, no foundation reinforcement is normally required.

Where clear-spans are not a requirement, Temcor's column-supported products provide economical solutions.

Like Temcor's dome structures, non-circular roofs can be custom designed and manufactured to permit installation of accessories, like hatches, vents, dormers, doors, and more. When considering Temcor's non-circular products, remember the single source advantage. TRD will handle everything from design to fabrication and construction.
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