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Temcor aluminium geodesic domes, covers and structures feature all-aluminium construction. Our products are lightweight, corrosion resistant, and virtually maintenance-free, which translates to longer life and lower costs. They do not rust like steel, they don't degrade with ultraviolet light like fiberglass, and they don't chips/splinter like concrete. And their strength and versatility are unmatched.

The Aluminium Advantage

Aluminium is vapour-compatible with everything from sewage to most process chemicals and treatment processes. For example, hydrogen sulfides and mercaptans do not attack aluminium. In short, its corrosion resistance makes it the ideal material for most industrial applications. That's why Temcor specializes in all-aluminium structures.

Aluminium - Materials Advantages
Corrosive-resistant material
Won't swell, chip or rust
Does not deteriorate
No protective coating required
Reduced weight
Increased strength & durability - no Temcor Structure has ever failed
Aluminium - Construction Advantages
Lower overall construction costs
Greatly reduced maintenance costs
Custom designs. Easily adapts to non-circular designs
Covers can be retrofitted for existing structures
Pre-engineered, ready-to-assemble shortens construction timelines
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